Dreams Stink.

No, that wasn’t just clickbait. Hear me out.

I love dreaming! I love the realistic, and the insane. The safe, and the risky. I love that you can’t EVER have enough. I love the fact that hearts desire adventure. And I definitely love how every human has their own. The sucky part is they’re sometimes hard, or scary to get started. We tend to want them to happen overnight, and along with them, have all the success we could ask for. We love going big until it gets hard. Get out of our comfort zone? What?

“I want to be the president!”, or “I want to cure cancer!” or “I want to be a CEO!”

Those. Those are the dreams that take patience, hard work, and time. Everyone has that huge idea in their heart that seems unreachable, and too far out there. But what about the little ones along the way? What about the small steps you can take TO reach them. No, not everyone wants to be a world leader, a scientist making the latest discoveries, or running a business. But that’s the point. Our desires are unique, and valuable. And you can do them. So where do I come in?

Hi! I’m Kennedi. I’m 18 years old, and about to be a college student. I love to create, I adore everything cute, and one of my dreams is to be a blogger.

Pretty small right? Nope, not in my head. For well over a year I’ve wrestled with this idea, and each time thought, “Nahh. There are far too many already out there. How could mine EVER stand out in the google search engine?” So I kept pushing it to the back burner, hence the year-long wait. But I constantly went back to that little desire poking at my heart. I’d make up my lifestyle and fashion posts in my head, or plan for a photoshoot that didn’t exist. I’d see myself sitting in a coffee shop designing my next page to publish. And pretty soon, I’d had enough.

I have been comfortable a LOT of my life. I’ve searched for affirmation in others when I wanted to work on a project. But this? This calls for boldness and a go-get-em attitude. I’ve never made such a physical step into pursuing a dream. So you know what? I decided to do it…


So welcome to my page, lovelies!

This will be a lifestyle blog that will hopefully please all your likes. I want this to be a place where you can enjoy some pictures, fashion, tips, and other fun things I have planned. (I wasn’t kidding when I said I already made some up.) So thank you all for the encouragement, and love. I pray everyone feels this way when they step into their dream. I’m so excited!


the girl that decided to go for it




  1. You go girl!!! You pretty much have already been a blogger on instagram, you just didn’t go into a lot of written detail. Through your photos we can see into you soul so much!! You are a blessing to everyone you touch and I can’t wait to see what life brings you!

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