15 Life Goals

…or you could say dreams. (Yes, I’m really into those right now). Regardless, I’m going to share with you guys some big and small things I pray that happen in this crazy thing called life.

1. I want to travel.

That may be such a cliche, but you know what I think is a little bit sad? The fact that we won’t see everything the world has to offer. There will inevitably be places that you just don’t get to visit. Sorry to go all Debby Downer on you, but I’ll take that as trying to see as many places as possible that fit into whatever else I decide to be. (And be oh so content with where I get to go).


2. I want a dog named Henry.

It’s specific, but true. How couldn’t you love a pup named Henry?


3. I want to be brave.

Help me with this one, Jesus. I said before, I want to be the girl that decided to go for it. I want to get my hands and feet dirty, and not be afraid to get things done. I want to be used in this world, with the gifts I have.



4. I want to take a selfie with someone famous

Honestly, it could be anyone from Liam Hemsworth, to a News Anchor. I wouldn’t complain about Liam though.


5. I want a garden

Nothing like some good ‘ol home growin’


6. I want to be a Momma.

My number one dream has always been to be a wife and mom, and it’s no different today, then when I was five years old pretending I had my own family. I can’t (but can) wait to have my own little humans to name, dress, raise, all with my someday best friend. In our own little house, with our dog Henry. I get giddy just thinking about that time in my life, yet I don’t want to rush this part. Goodness people, it’s a struggle.


7. I want to learn how to play an instrument

I’ve always pictured having a white piano in my house someday, but first I should probably know how to play one.


8. I hope to journal a lot.

I want to be able to look back, and remember the times in my life that were worth journaling. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, and everything in between.


9. I want my family and I to always be close

If I’ve learned one thing from my parents, grandparents, and so on…it’d be that family is more than valuable. They’re forever friends, and will always be some of the best shoulders to lean on. I’ve had the best example from my whole (even extended!) family, and I will take that mindset with me for the rest of my life.


10. I want to put beauty into being human

That looks different for everyone…but oh is it important.


11. I want a group of friends that last a lifetime

You know, the one where family dinner parties are a given? Christmas get-togethers, and summer BBQ’s? Yeah. That one.



12. Go Vegetarian for one month

It doesn’t seem all that difficult…until I say goodbye to chicken.


13. I want to watch more sunsets than Netflix.

Yes, that’s a quote, but it’s a good one.  


14. To have a library in my house, and have read all of the books.

This one takes time, but I’m willing.


15. I want to love well.

Actions are so much louder than words, and above all else, I want my life to be driven by the selfless love of Jesus that I get to reflect back during my time here.


That is the smallest snippet of my mental list, but you have to start somewhere. What are some of your life goals?!




xoxo Kennedi




  1. Kennedi – I just love your heart. I haven’t met you yet, but your precious little sister is my son’s good friend. 😊
    I am so impressed by you and I encourage you to keep writing. I wish that I would have started journaling when I was your age. At a little over 40 now 😊 it would be awesome to be able to look back at the phases of my life, especially my faith journey.
    You are a beautiful soul and I’m so thankful that you’re sharing that beauty, love and light with the world. ❤


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