18 Loves of My Life

I’ve been alive for 18 years, probably remembering only 13 of them. It’s been wild & free, easy & hard, adventurous & safe, and quite the journey. It’s easy to think of the trials we’ve been through. However, I want to live a life focusing on the good. So, yes the title says it all…here are 18 loves of my life.




Not one being like the other, we have so many opportunities to get to know people…anyone we want, isn’t that crazy? I love that we are constantly creating new ones, and strengthening old ones, both equally amazing. We were made for community and I love what relationships bring to the table.

Passions & Careers

Sometimes I think too long about a concept of life and it freaks me out, this being one of them. We each have a choice to make about where we want our life to go, career wise. Each of us has passions, but what one are we going to go with? Someone think about being a baker in NYC, but also love teaching children, and on top of that want to pursue business. Each one being great, I love that we have choices.


The day where you sleep in, drink your first coffee at 10, and are finally ready for the day at noon. The day that can take you anywhere, whether that is a no-destination-drive, or a lunch date, or even relaxing right at home. I love the atmosphere and the feeling of Saturday, and I’m so thankful they’re a thing.


I love them. They’re hilarious, weird, different. I could sit in public and simply watch a crowd all day. Isn’t it just crazy that we can talk? Think? Have emotions? We all look different, and each experience the same exact day a totally different way. Woah.


Both literally and figuratively. In summer we look forward to fall, in fall, winter (well some of us), and in the winter, spring. Each one bringing new beginnings, new feels, new things to do, and it’s all in a constant cycle. Figuratively being life, whether it’s dry and you’re feeling blah, to one where life is just on your side. It’s a weird thing to love the dry ones, but I always look back on those seeing how faithful Jesus was and is going to be. He is always rooting for us.

Second Chances

Think about how many friends, family and memories we would be without today, if second chances were non-existent. I love that we can realize we’re all human and have the love in our hearts to extend grace to one another…all because we were extended the same thing.


This is pretty much self-explanatory. What would life be without those gifts from above?


I recently told my mom, “I have no idea what my actual style is…” and she said, “That’s amazing!” And she’s totally right. We weren’t made to fit into a mold of one specific group, or type of something. I love that each day I have the chance to be myself, with the simple act of what I want to wear. It’s easy to compare ourselves with what media shows us, but goodness, life is too short to let others have power over us.


If this list was in order of importance, this one would be more toward the top. I love culture. I love the differences in people, and how the world doesn’t all look the same. (How absolutely boring would that be?) God sure knew what he was doing making all of these beautiful faces around the globe and he sure knew that the world would be a little brighter because of it.

Comfortable Conversations 

As much as we need the different, unpredictable ones, we need slow and easy. The types that go with sitting on a couch with a friend, maybe silence being the best convo.

The Movie Industry

Even if some are simply too predictable, or unrealistic, I think movies are so fun. I personally am a cheeseball, so I’m always down for a mushy, probably-never-going-to-happen-in-real-life romance. I love that each story is different, and even with the thousands out there, a creative mind can still dream up a new one.


Frankly, I don’t know what I’d do without humor. I’m blown away by how funny life is, and how hilarious society can be. I’m in love with memes, Vines (RIP), and the constant supply of laughter I’m given just by opening my phone or spending time with others.


To say I love family is such an understatement and I can’t quite put into words how thankful I am that it’s something we can know here on earth.


I adore the beauty in this world, and the endless definitions of it. From artwork, to buildings, to people, to nature…the list goes on. I think appreciation of life starts with knowing beauty when you see it.


How special is it, that we get to experience so many levels of love? The love from a parent, a sibling, a friend, a relative, the romance from someone…it’s all so impactful, and incredible. We all need it, we all give it, and it’s quite honestly what makes this world turn. #allbecauseofJesus


The constant opportunities we have to better ourselves is encouraging. I love that we don’t have to have it all together all the time, and that the process of life is normal and unique. From sitting in a classroom, to real world lessons, each journey we partake in is valuable and not worthy of comparison.

The Unexpected

This one has been a work in progress, however the key word is progress. I’m getting there! My mind doesn’t like change…it actually sometimes can’t even. But I’ve learned to love it. What’s the fun in knowing everything anyway? Life is too short to be predictable, and I want to keep it that way.

Life (yes this one counts)

I’m in love with life. Sometimes it brings you through the loop, and sometimes you’re dancing on top of a figurative mountain. I find myself overwhelmed with the simple fact that Jesus had such a special and SPECIFIC purpose for me, that he wanted-no needed- me to walk here on this earth. And that goes for everyone! He saw all that was made, and he saw the whole future of the world, and knew you had to be a part of it. Dang. It’s such an honor to be pursued by the creator of the universe, and to have the simple ability to love things about life, and I pray you can all find things to love.


There is nothing accidental about you





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  1. Hey Kennedi, that was a cute post. I mean this in a positive way that you sound like a princess right out of a fairytale. But with time you’ll love a few things more however this list might get a little less. Lets see, I’ll look forward.

    Take care.


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